Cigar Utip Shoes


Model:Cigar Utip (prod. code: 0L) 

Style No.: D0625



Last:Barrie last 

Size: 9 1/2 D

"We will make Cigar Utip Shoes this time.  Are you interested?"  It's been almost 1 year since his offer  and I finally received the delivery announcement.

Originally, I've heard expected delivery would be around Oct, 2020.  Almost 6-months passed and I finally received the shoes.  I usually prefer NST shoes but Utip is also nice anyway.  I'm really glad to see how beautifully this came out.

It's made on single leather sole and I don't have to install toe steel.  It might be good idea to break in this spring!  ☺️

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000