Whiskey PTB (2016)


Model:Whiskey Plain Toe Blucher (prod. code: 6K)

Style No.:9905



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 D

Shop:Alden San Francisco

Recent Whiskey shells may seem bit darker than old Whiskey produced in the past.  This has been a huge topic Alden enthusiasts always prefer to discuss on the Forum.  I also think recent lots might be darker compared to the other Whiskey shells I own.  That's actually true, however, I surely remember I had a similar impression when I purchased AF21, Whiskey LWB in 2009.  Considering this, people may tend to have an own selfish image of Whiskey shell as the lightest color of cordovan and we always may make such misunderstanding...  

In fact, this Whiskey shell is really transparent and it shows a lot of pores of the horse hide under the sunlight.  Some people think this is a kind of the sign of the defects but I rather feel this is the sign of better quality shell which shows horse hide's pure nature more honestly.

This Whiskey shell is also flawless and quite beautiful...

Two Whiskey shells from 2016 lot.

Alden of Tuck



  • 1000 / 1000