Plaza Last Wingtip Boot


Model:Plaza Last Wingtip Boot (prod. code: 6K)

Style No.:44501HC



Last:Plaza last

Size: 10 D

Shop:Brick + Mortar

To tell the truth, this is the first boot/shoe of mine made around Plaza Last.  Honestly speaking, I rather kept away from this last simply because I loved Alden's rugged, round toe such as Barrie Last.  I would say, actual is much different from just seeing on the photos.  I thought it has a long shape, square toe, but I don't feel any if taking a look on hands.  It's just a great mixture of rugged and sophisticated.  I love it!

Compared to the Barrie Last, Plaza Last actually has a square toe, but its wide body still shows strong image.  I love its nice sophisticated look.

I believe recent dark #8 and antiques sole are great combinations!  It rather looks like Cigar...

Under the natural light, it shows beautiful deep gloss in its shell...


  • 1000 / 1000