AOC-50 (V-tip Blucher)


Model:AOC-50 V-tip Blucher (prod. code: 7B)

Style No.:D6626



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 D

Shop:Alden of Carmel

I am very grateful for Adam to take my suggestion about AoC's new V-tip design.  Not all of the details came from myself though, here is the final design we have reached after exchanging several ideas:

Barrie Last, 1 1/2 thickness Waterlock sole, Antique edge and pre-stitched reverse welt and Double stitching on the vamp

Barrie Last V-tip has been sometimes offered by other shops before.  However, I have never seen reverse welt version.  Also, V-tip is usually made on close (small) heel but reverse welt always comes with large heel that is definitely new image as V-tip.  I actually considered using storm welt first but I think reverse welt was the right choice to add more casual feel.

1 1/2 thickness sole was the original intention, just between single (more formal feel) and double (more casual feel) of the sole thickness.  It actually turned out as double thickness sole but I think it looks quite good.  Since V-tip is usually made on single leather sole, this modification could add modest difference from the normal version but in order to make clear contrast, I wanted to add a little more twist by applying waterlock sole.

Lastly, double stitching on the vamp could stand out "V" stitch and give more casual appeal than normal single stitching.  However, it also came out as single stitch which brings more formal feel.  Even so, I believe overall appearance and combination between formal and casual are really well-balanced on this shoe.

This is absolutely the new type V-tip shoe that has casual taste.  In order to make it more casual, however, I have also considered making it 5-eyelet but it seems Alden is not willing to make unless they have existing pattern...

I think people usually have a "formal" or "dressy" image on this model.  Nobody has tried to bring casual feel on V-tip and that's exactly what we wanted.  

I am really fortunate to have such a wonderful opportunity and this model became literally the special one to me.

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000