Plaza Short Wingtip Blucher


Model:Plaza Short Wingtip Blucher (prod. code: 7A)

Style No.:D6506



Last:Plaza last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop:Brick + Mortar

I happened to find this model among "New Models coming in 2017" category at Brick + Mortar's HP and asked Yenni to send photos once it's delivered.  Not only the fact of Plaza last, but other details of this shoe also quite attracted my interest.  Confirmed by photos, I immediately decided to purchase.

First of all, this shoe has matched metal eyelets.  Painted metal eyelets are quite common as boot design but it's rather rare for shoe.  Some shops sometimes take such design but I haven't seen recently, especially from the US shops.

Secondly, it has double leather sole (more casual feel) and 270 flat welt with close heel (more formal feel).  Of course, this kind of combination could be technically chosen but I felt it's really cool.  In fact, my favorite shoe, AF1 is also made on the double leather sole and flat welt with close heel while it's made around Aberdeen last.  I knew in case of narrower last such as Aberdeen, even flat welt could look wider as reverse welt does.  Since I usually prefer thicker wider sole, I assumed this Yenni's design should meet my expectations.

It actually took almost 1 month to arrive from Seattle but my friend finally and kindly hand-carried for me.  It's really cool shoe...  I really love the designs Yenni is introducing as shown on this Short Wing...

To tell the truth, there is black version of this shoe which will be delivered soon.  Black one has blind eyelets and waterlock sole.  I like such minimal twist on the designs between #8 and black.  That one should be also really cool...


  • 1000 / 1000