Model: Mahogany NST Blucher (prod. code: 7C)

Style No.:D7601



Last:Plaza last

Size: 9 1/2 E

I actually knew Horween is still producing Mahogany Shell as I've heard from Nick.   Since it seems it's just limited quantity production, I simply assumed they no longer supply to Alden.  I also have heard the rumor that Alden received some Mahogany Shell and planned to sell as Ravello...  Of course, I thought it was just a kind of rumor…

After almost 15 years of silence, Mahogany shell revived as truly beautiful shoe like this.  Since it was absolutely beyond my ability of imagination that Alden is producing Mahogany shoe, I was really shocked and surprised to find this model on Instagram.   How could I have imagined that I could acquire this stunning beauty myself?   I must be really fortunate this time...

Alden ceased producing Mahogany Shell model around the year of 2003 when Ravello has been replaced as similar color variation.  Ravello sometimes has reddish undertone while its shade varies from dark brown to light one.  Some Ravello has vivid reddish undertone, however, it’s still a kind of brown color cordovan anyway and it's not as reddish as this Mahogany...

Since Mahogany has brownish tone as well, this shoe must be quite practically useable.  I can hardly wait for wearing this shoe with my favorite dark vintage denim.

This Mahogany shell is absolutely high quality, very glossy and transparent, literary the best I’ve ever seen...

Depending on the light settings, it changes its shade beautifully from reddish to brownish tone.   

It sometimes looks dark red and sometimes pinkish color.  This is really gorgeous shade...

Here are AC-1 and AC-2.  I believe these two models are definitely the best among rare shell makeups that I’ve ever seen.  These two models are quite different but each model has great uniqueness.  I really can’t tell which one is better… :-)

I must be really lucky to acquire this model.  I can't imagine what kind of model will be released as the next...

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000