Color 4 Indy


Model: Color 4 Indy Boot (prod. code: 1K)

Style No.:40565H

Color:Color 4


Last:Trubalance last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop: Tassels

Thanks to my friend, I finaly acquired this great boot. I saw Color 4 Shell cordovan at Horween factory and I was attracted to its beautiful shade. 

Color 4 models have been released by a couple of shops and there are several models sold before.  It’s been a while since the last model was introduced and the chance of getting brand-new condition one is becoming more and more difficult now.  That was a part of reasons why I was convinced that this might be the last chance to acquire this brand-new color 4 Indy.

I actually expected deep red color, however, its shade is more like dark brown and somehow it looks like dark Ravello...  Well, the shade of this color 4 is actually very beautiful and it looks quite the same with the one I have seen at Horween, so I think it's OK anyway.

This one has been kept in good condition and everything comes together as full set but transporter broke the box...  My friend kindly requested Alden factory to send a brand-new box with style number and size correctly, which is really appreciated as this becomes a great collection for me.

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000