Cigar Indy


Model: Cigar Indy (prod. code: 7F)

Style No.:86981HC



Last:Trubalance last

Size: 9 D

It was just a casual question; "Are you planning to make any rare shell model?".  That time, I didn't own any Indy Boot but I had some kinds of aspiration and Cigar Indy has become my grail since I saw it on the internet.  It's been a year and a half from that time, this beautiful boot finally came to me.

Honestly speaking, I didn't own Cigar model until recently but one of the reasons might be because I have been waiting for this boot.  It's a long time waiting but it's definitely worth to do that!

The shade of this Cigar shell is much lighter and it contains olive tone in its shade.  This is really beautiful Cigar...

I think original Indy Boot has storm welt with close heel but this model has flat welt instead.  Trubalance last actually has round toe which gives more wild image like a work boot.  Because of its smart look of the flat welt, however, this boot has much more cool image.

Here is the comparison with Color 4 Indy.  Color 4 is really gorgeous color, but this Cigar shell also has rich tone and I can't tell which is more beautiful!

By finally adding this beautiful boot into my collection, I simply wanted to take photos with other rare shell models.  It's always nice to have a wide range of color variations in the collection!

This Cigar shade is really transparent and just stunning...

I love this transparent shade which can be seen especially under the direct sunlight  This Cigar Shell is really gorgeous!


  • 1000 / 1000