Cigar Aberdeen Tanker


Model: Cigar Aberdeen Tanker (prod. code: 7H)

Style No.:M7903HC



Last:Aberdeen last

Size: 9 1/2 E

Shop: Frans Boone

It suddenly appeared on the Instagram.  Since I've actually heard Tassels was considering Cigar model for their anniversary, I spontaneously thought this boot was their makeup.  In fact, however, it was not correct and I realized this model was even made around Aberdeen last which is actually quite unique...

While wondering who made this boot, my friend gave me an offer for this Cigar Aberdeen Tanker.  More precisely, he told me the fact that Tassels finally made Cigar Tanker but it was made on Barrie last and different from this Aberdeen Tanker.  Yes, two different kinds of Cigar Tankers were released at the same time!

Basically I prefer Barrie last and I thought I don't like Aberdeen very much.  This silly prejudice caused me to be delayed to respond and his Aberdeen Tanker slipped off from my hands.  I missed acquiring this incredible boot...

On that night I literally couldn't sleep and started feeling I really wish to get this boot!  Then I recalled that he said he had two sizes...  Why not settle on the bigger size, then!  I contacted him again, however, bigger size also has already gone...  I missed the same boot twice...

On the next day, I really couldn't focus on the job and I was trying to search this boot somehow.  When I started feeling how I could give up this, message from my friend popped up again and said he's got the cancelation and even asked me if I'm still interested...  This time, I immediately replied "YES" and finally succeeded to acquire this boot adding to my collection.

Compared to my Cigar Indy, this Cigar Tanker looks more smoky-brown but the shade of Cigar shell is quite transparent and beautiful.  I usually take photos at my house or garden under the sunlight but this time I took the boot out to take photo near the harbor exploiting my free time during a trip.  

This boot might be the final acquisition this year.  I think I finally got the great boot for my birthday and Christmas gifts!


  • 1000 / 1000