Color 4 Wingtip Boot


Model:Color 4 Wingtip Boot (prod. code: 2E) 

Style No.: D2823H

Color:Color 4 


Last:Barrie last 

Size:9 1/2 D

I love NST style such as Tanker boots, but this Wingtip boots are made around beautiful color 4 shell and just gorgeous...  

I have ordered this boots together with another model but it just arrived at the perfect timing in the early fall season.

Definitely, commando sole is better for walking and comfortability but double leather oak sole looks perfect fit for upper beautiful color 4 shell cordovan.

Another model is probably gonna arrive so soon.  Exchange rate is terrible at this moment, but I can't complain...  😅

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000