Ravello NST


Model:Ravello NST Blucher (prod. code: 7L)

Style No.:22141



Last:Aberdeen last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop:Alden of Washington DC

"Hi, shipping to the forwarders is no longer available and direct international shipping is $***.  Is that OK with you?"  I realized she's got some delivery for me but I totally didn't understand what model I've got.  "Great!  By the way what model did I get  this time?"

Who can expect such a beautiful shoe was delivered.  I thought this model has been released only by TSM before but I didn't know DC can also make this model.

Honestly speaking, I was interested in Whiskey shell the most but now I prefer Ravello.  Whiskey shell is obviously too light in its shade to wear in business occasion.  Necessarily I always wear Whiskey shoes as casual.  Cigar shell has darkest shade among so-called rare cordovanl but it sometimes looks quite similar with #8 if it has antique edge sole.  Ravello is exactly in between and its deep color tone is absolutely stunning!

Since not many information heard about Ravello NST nowadays and I didn't expect DC would release this model, I'm extremely happy with this acquisition.

"I just got the information that Ravello is available and they suggested me to make this model.  We have made Cigar NST a couple of times but this is the first time on Ravello, I guess..."  Amazingly beautiful shade, huh?  ;-)

Alden of Tuck



  • 1000 / 1000