Whiskey Chukka Boot


Model:Whiskey Chukka Boot (prod. code: 8C)

Style No.:1348



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop:Alden Shop of San Francisco

After 2 years and a half of waiting, I finally received the notice of the delivery from San Francisco.  Since probably this was the model I wanted the most for quite a long time now, I should have been excited little more but this announcement was just after I purchased 2 pairs of rare shell models within a couple of weeks... 

I think I noticed the existence of this beautiful chukka boot through Barneys New York model released in 2011.  Since I love chukka boot the most that time, I really wished to get one but I finally needed to give up after intensively sought on the market.  Recalling how I was crazy about Whiskey Chukka boot, this acquisition must be one of my goals that I wish to achieve before I die.  😄

Chukka boot requires flawless large cordovan shell and even a small scratch or spots gonna make it scrap.  I can easily imagine how difficult it is to make such a beautiful boot in the factory...  This chukka boot is just amazing...

By the way, this Whiskey shell has a lot of spots...  Since this one is really transparent, it clearly shows pores on the surface.  😅  

I rather prefer pores on such a transparent shell as Nick explained it's a kind of the sign as high quality cordovan, but it looks like freckles on the face.  😄

Well then, I really wonder what is the next goal after this...  🤔  


  • 1000 / 1000