Amaretto Short Wingtip Balmoral


Model:Amaretto Short Wingtip Balmoral (prod. code: 8B)

Style No.:D7306



Last:Aberdeen last

This model also has brass eyelets as Citishoes Amaretto Jumper boot does.  Combination between lightly reddish Amaretto Cordovan and golden brass eyelets is really cool.  😆

This model has especially smart look due to balmoral styling and also Aberdeen last.  I've actually never worn Balmoral and personally prefer Blucher but I think this design is unique and cool!

Comparing with Whiskey and Bourbon Cordovan, Amaretto has little more reddish undertone.  I think softer lighting shows its deep tone better and it rather looks gorgeous...  ☺️


  • 1000 / 1000