Ravello Chukka Boot


Model:Ravello Chukka Boot (prod. code: 8C)

Style No.:13750



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop:Alden Shop of San Francisco

I knew I could get this boot when I saw somebody posting about the delivery notice of the boot.  Although I didn’t receive e-mail from the shop yet, probably I could get this one once I sent an inquiry to the shop...   I knew it, however, I just purchased a couple of rare shell models and I actually thought I could wait until the next delivery...   Even so, however, I couldn’t wait asking the shop for a stock for me just because I wanted to see how the Ravello shade looks like this time…

“Sure, I have your size in our stock.  Do you need one?”  In a week after this conversation, I finally received this beautiful boot… ☺️

Whiskey Chukka is lighter in its shade but practically Ravello Chukka should have more occasion to be worn due to its dark tanned color which easily matches with any kinds of attire.  Maybe, I’m gonna break in this boot first! 😄


  • 1000 / 1000