Ravello Utip Boot


Model: Ravello Utip Boot (prod. code: 8D)

Style No.:D8906



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D

This Ravello Utip boot is really unique and I guess no other shops have come up with this design before.  Since I had absolutely no information about this makeup, I was totally surprised and really thrilled when I received the delivery notice… 😆

This beautiful boot is made around Barrie last, equipped with 9 matched eyelets and pre-stitched reverse welt on double oak leather sole.  Even though the boot season is over now and even though it’s gonna be rainy season so soon, I’m really happy to this acquisition. ☺️

By the way, "Why not Tanker?", I guess that's the question many people may think about.  Tanker or NST boot is basically one of the most popular boot design and more shops probably prefer Tanker.  In that situation, It's not easy to choose "no" center split design, however, this boot is rather gonna be unique and cool, I believe.

Actually, once I opened the box, I was instantly convinced that this design is really the right choice.  It contains massive image by adding reverse welt and 9 eyelets also convey the similar atmosphere that military lace up boots have.  I felt a kind of like a mixture of work and military boot essence in this design.

Well, this must be the first time myself to get "Horween stamp" on the tongue.  👍

Now, I may try them on every night to see what kind of clothes will match well with this boot and just look forward to the fall coming… 😄


  • 1000 / 1000