Ravello NST (SF)


Model:Ravello NST (prod. code: 0C) 

Style No.: D0604C 



Last:Barrie last 

Size: 9 1/2 D 

Shop:Alden Shop of San Francisco

"We just started a small run of Ravello NST...  Are you interested?"

I've suddenly received a message and I immediately replied to reserve my pair.  Waiting for several months, I simply assumed the delivery will be delayed due to Corona Virus epidemic etc., but it came out very smoothly on time.

This model is made around Barrie last and 270 flat welt.  At this point, seemingly it's quite similar to the normal Ravello NST except for the last difference, however the biggest difference is that this model has commando sole.

Not many rare shell bluchers have commando sole.  Previously released Mocha shell Chukka was made on the commando sole but I can't recall any lighter color rare shell (whiskey, ravello etc.) models...  

This model is a kind of the mix of formal and casual.  I was actually wondering why nobody makes Ravello NST blucher on Barrie last but finally...  😄

Alden of Tuck



  • 1000 / 1000