Model:AF1 (prod. code: 8J)

Style No.:99358

Color:Whiskey + Mahogany


Last:Aberdeen last

Size: 8 1/2 D

Shop:Alden of Carmel

Probably that was around 1999-2000, I purchased this shoes as my first Alden.  I happened to find this among remaining stock while talking to Adam of AoC.   That time, I was trying to go to US for my MBA study and I decided to import this shoes as a part of my English lesson.

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand my correct size and I often felt pain after a half day but I tried not to wear in rainy day to keep good condition as I care my treasure.

Compared to the modern look of AC-1 made around Barrie Last, AF1 is made around Aberdeen and it may look more traditional because of this fact.   Front view is almost like whiskey saddle shoes, but from side and back view, mahogany piece appears clearly and it shows vivid combination with reddish mahogany shell.

This genius design created by Adam of AoC is highly respectful and AF1 is my memorable first step of my Alden history.

Here is the link to the blog introducing my AF1. (Japanese only)


  • 1000 / 1000