AF21 Whiskey LWB (2009)


Model:AF21 Whiskey Long Wing Blucher (prod. code: 9J)

Style No.:97891



Last:Barrie last

Size: 8 1/2 D

Shop:Alden of Carmel

(AF21 Whiskey LWB + LEVI'S 501XX from early 50's)

To tell the truth, I have been wondering what kind of trousers are the best on Whiskey shell shoes (I recently realized this was not only myself!).  Whiskey is too light in its color and doesn't match well for suits or business attires.  For AF1, I often wore with light color suits and it was quite OK due to the smallest last, Aberdeen.  In case of LWB, it's rather assumed as country or casual shoes and I naturally thought I shouldn't wear in business occasions.  

When matching with casual style like a vintage jeans, however, I feel it's a perfect fit between light color Whiskey shell and blue jeans.

This Whiskey shell actually looks much lighter in its shade especially around the shoe body while it looks darker on the cover photo.

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000