Espresso Cap Toe Blucher


Model:Espresso Cap Toe Blucher (prod. code: 6J)

Style No.:N6506



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop:Lakota House

That was totally beyond my thought that I could get this shoes in the end...  

At the end of the year of 2016, I've heard the rumor that Lakota House was going to release Espresso Cigar shell shoes just for the limited amount.  All of them were already announced to their VIP customers and I couldn't be there at the first round.  I was tremendously regret and I thought why I didn't purchase more shoes by now...  

Since it's been already a couple of months from that time, I simply assumed all gone...  

According to the pictures posted on Internet, it looked quite similar to #8 and that's actually the factor that I tried to convince myself with not to seek for this shoes any more.  I tried to pretend that I'm not interested in any longer...  Actual shade of the espresso shell, however, was amazingly beautiful and really stunning...  

At the first glance, it could look similar to #8 or Cigar shell but under the direct sunlight, dark brown "smoky" tone appears and that's definitely different from #8 or Cigar.  Espresso shell cordovan is also highly transparent, the same as the other exotic shells.

It's curious enough though, even under the sunlight, it changes its shade to very dark one.  This deep dark brown color is just like espresso!

Waterlock double sole gives it massive image and creates wider impression together with the effect of reverse welt.  This shoe is quite heavy probably because of "oiled" waterlock double leather sole.  This antique edge looks bit darker than normal antique finish done on oak sole maybe also due to its original brown color of waterlock sole.

This shell is highly transparent and it shows some pores of the hide.

It also has some dark stain spots all over on the shell probably because pervasive dark dye has been used on it and I guess that's the reason for the difficulty to make.  According to Nick from Horween, Espresso shell is not produced regularly.  I guess this is gonna be one of the most sought-after shoes on the market in the near future while I will never release this shoes.  

Same as the other my favorite shoes, I will necessarily hesitate to break in, but I believe that must be pretty cool to wear them on vintage LEVI'S XX.  

The beauty of this shell is amazing...  


  • 1000 / 1000