Ravello LHS


Model:Ravello LHS (prod. code: 4J)

Style No.:6754



Last:Van last

Size: 9 E

Shop:Alden San Francisco

This pair actually has quite different shade between right and left foot...

This one has dark edge finish, not antique one which is more popular recently.  I've heard Alden uses black, dark mahogany, antique and natural finish on the sole edge.  Based on this understanding, this finish should be dark mahogany but it's quite transparent unlike the normal dark mahogany used on #8.  

Curious enough though, this dark edge finish is similar to the one done on my AF1 while AF1 usually has antique finish on its edge.  Alden might have 5 variations?

Alden of Tuck



  • 1000 / 1000