Whiskey LWB (2017)


Model:Whiskey Long Wing Blucher (prod. code: 6K)

Style No.:97891



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 D

Shop:Alden of Washington DC

I've suddenly got a call from Kathy asking if I'm interested in purchasing this.  I just purchased Whiskey Long a few months ago but I was really curious to see how the new Whiskey shell looks like as the latest batch in 2017.  But production code was again "6K" which is the same batch of the other one I purchased at the end of the last year...

Well, even though the production code is the same, this Whiskey shell has really nice shade. It looks quite dark at a quick glance, but it is quite light color from the other angle.

Here is the comparison with AF21 (bottom left, prod. code: 9J) and Citishoes (top left, prod. code: 6K). DC Whiskey Long (top/bottom right, prod code: 6K) looked darkest among three, but with this comparison, DC has creamy light color. Obviously, AF21 has the lightest shade and somehow contains little bit reddish tone, but DC is also pretty beautiful...

This one also shows a lot of pores on the surface which is the sign of the good quality shell according to Nick from Horween. Whiskey LWB can be worn in a variety of occasions and also because of my curiosity to see how the new Whiskey looks like, I necessarily want to collect them and my collection is expanding...


  • 1000 / 1000