Ravello Jumper Boot


Model:Ravello Jumper Boot (prod. code: 7C)

Style No.:D7803 HC



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D


I actually heard the rumor, "Ravello Jumper Boot is in production...", but I almost forgot about it.  That's because it was corrected later as "#8, not Ravello..." and I was already waiting for #8 Jumper Boot from Brick + Mortar that time.  I almost forgot though, this finally came out reality...

Speaking of "Jumper Boot", Leather Soul's makeup is famous but it was made around Trubalance in Cigar Shell.  Well, this is actually very dark Ravello like Cigar but that's not the point.  This boot is made around Barrie Last and that's definitely clear difference but more importantly, the detailed design on the body/heel is totally different...

Top: Ravello Jumper, Left: B+M's #8 Jumper, Right: B+M's Plaza Wingtip

Leather Soul's and Brick + Mortar's Jumper boots have "Indy Stitch" pattern on the body but this Ravello Jumper Boot has perforated decoration like Wingtip Boot.  This design has been applied to non-cordovan leather and Tricker's has the same design but I think this is the first makeup made with shell cordovan.

Well, this Ravello is really dark...  I know the others have much lighter and reddish undertone in the same production lot with mine but my boot has quite dark shade similar to even Espresso or Cigar.  I tried to see how it looks different under the sunlight but I finally ended up thinking this Ravello is better looking rather in darker shade.  It's quite interesting and unique shade which I have never seen as Ravello...

Ravello actually varies from lighter to darker shade and I also have dark Ravello but that one is not this much transparent.  This one is not opaque and it shows pores and some structure of the hide very well.  

Above photo was taken without any filter but it sometimes shows this much reddish tone.  It's really beautiful Ravello...

This is a nice boot...  I might have been too much devoted to seeking for lighter color like Whiskey and now might be the time to switch to darker color shell...

I think most of the people have the image of Ravello as light color with reddish undertone and that was the same with me.  But I think this dark Ravello may match with more situations, not only casual but more variety of attire.  I think I like it!


  • 1000 / 1000