Ravello LWB (2014)


Model:Ravello Long Wing Blucher (prod. code: 4B)

Style No.:97507



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 E

Shop:Hannes B.

I happend to get the information that the shop in Switzerland has a stock of Ravello LWB.  Since my friend in Germany was planning to visit Japan, I made a contact with the shop and requested to ship to Germany...

The production code is 4B and I guess this is made in 2014 since there was some posts at SF in 2014.  Its Ravello shade and style were actually quite similar with the post.

First of all, this one has two unique points.  First of all, this one has waterlock sole.  We can see this variation in Alden of Washington DC's makeup.  However, this one has single sole while LWB usually has thick double sole.

I actually compared with Whiskey LWB which has double sole and BB's loafer which has single sole.  Whiskey LWB's double sole is measured as 1.2cm (left-bottom), however, this Ravello LWB's sole and loafer' singles sole are measured as 0.9cm (top and right-bottom).

Difference in the measurement is actually subtle just 3mm but its appearance is quite different.  Dark mahogany edge sole further gives much more formal image compared to Whiskey LWB.

Sometimes, Ravello shell has lighter shade which could look like Whiskey.  I think this dark Ravello and dark mahogany edge sole has brought good variation into my collection.


  • 1000 / 1000