AOC-66 (Utip Saddle Blucher)


Model: AOC-66 Utip Saddle Blucher (prod. code: 7H)

Style No.:D7604

Color: #8


Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop : Alden of Carmel

The idea was quite simple: just a minor modification by changing to Utip and double waterlock sole on AC-1.

Saddle shoe design is basically exclusive to Alden of Carmel.  If so, why not introducing more saddle shoes?  That was the main reason why I wanted to make this shoe.

AC-1 is well-designed shoe.  I think minimal twist is better not to break the original design image.  By the way, I recently feel antique edge on waterlock sole tends to be darker and such a dark antique edge gives even better fit with #8.  

Here is the comparison with AF26.  AF26 looks bit more formal because of its Plaza Last.  Barrie Last itself has more round toe and this adds casual feel together with Utip design.

Recently, I see more darker #8 but this AOC-66 has typical classic #8 color.  Dark #8 is also good but this reddish #8 creates more authentic atmosphere.


  • 1000 / 1000