KREIS Bourbon Wallet

I was really fortunate again to be invited to the Lakota Family sale and decided to exploit my transit time in Tokyo to join the sale.  Since I've heard there won't be rare shell shoes/boots, I didn't expect so much but I had some hope to get rare shell KREIS goods this time.

After quickly checking no rare shell on the rack, I immediately headed to the cart which carried a lot of KREIS goods.  I picked up some folded Whiskey Wallet and Coin case from the cart and tried to compare each shade to choose one for me.  In the mean time on the next cart, however, my friend happed to find this beautiful Bourbon long wallet and I finally decided to take this one.

I've never had a chance to compare Whiskey and Bourbon shell in a closer look but it seems Whiskey has a little bit reddish tone while Bourbon has a bit darker taste with greenish tone.  This Bourbon shell is literary stunning...

Inside, it has a lot of card spaces and each Bourbon shell makes beautiful gradation and it looks differently when looking from the bottom side.  Since I carry the wallet every time when going out, I can enjoy this beautiful shade any time.  It was quite a long day from the early morning to wait for the sale opening but it was really worth to visit!  :-)


  • 1000 / 1000