AOC-90 (Black AC-1)


Model:AOC-90 Black AC-1 (prod. code: 8B)

Style No.:D7618



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 1/2 D

Shop:Alden of Carmel

My first pair of Alden shoes that I purchased almost 20yrs ago was AF1, Utip Saddle shoes from Alden of Carmel.  Made of Whiskey shell cordovan with Mahogany at the saddle/heel parts, it's often called "the King of makeup Alden shoes".  Because of its two tone color design, I sometimes felt too unique in business attire but I finally felt really cool shoes when wearing with brownish suits etc.

And two years ago, I purchased AC-1, Whiskey shell cordovan NST Saddle shoes.  AC-1 is really cool design shoe and I think it's the best design in my 20yrs Alden experience. 

"Why not making Black shell version of AC-1?", it's a simple suggestion I came up with.

Appearance is exactly the same with AC-1, but it's made of Black shell cordovan.  Its monochrome atmosphere is just modestly cool and stylish.  I believe this shoes can be worn in business attire and also in the casual situation.

Original AC-1 has double thickness Oak leather sole but this one was modified with double thickness waterlock sole.  It's a small twist and can't be seen when walking but I think it's a nice minimal change from the original spec.

This shoe is really cool...  AF1 is the king of makeup Alden shoes but AC-1 might be its modern version.  I'm really happy to own this black one now as another variation of AC-1!  :-)

Alden of Tuck


  • 1000 / 1000