Whiskey LWB (2016)


Model:Whiskey Long Wing Blucher (prod. code: 6K)

Style No.:97891



Last:Barrie last

Size: 9 E


To tell the truth, this one is quite dark almost like Ravello...  Even so, Whiskey shell itself is quite glossy and smooth.  

I actually thought why I needed to have another Whiskey LWB but I believe here is the reason.  Each Whiskey shell is slightly different lot by lot and I necessarily feel I want to take a look how the next Whiskey batch looks like.  I think there are many people who feel the same!

Under the sunlight, it looks lighter in its color as Whiskey...

According to Nick from Horween Leather Co. they don't change recipe or dye etc.  Darkness or shade of the cordovan totally depends upon the nature of the raw hide.  Theoretically, future Whiskey could be lighter instead of getting darker and darker every year...

Under the sunlight, its smooth shiny surface appears.  Whiskey shell shows quite a different shade in each different light-setting.  That's exactly what I like the most in the Whiskey shell.

Alden of Tuck



  • 1000 / 1000